Lily Ray

SEO professional, DJ, drummer, biker, fitness lover, world traveler, dog mama, and the great-grandniece of the artist Man Ray.

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Meet Lily Ray

My name is Lily Ray and I am a Brooklyn, NYC-based SEO professional, DJ, and drummer. I currently serve as the Vice President, SEO Strategy and Research at Amsive. I was born and raised in the California Bay Area by two New York City transplants, and I returned to NYC at age 18 to attend NYU.

I’ve lived in Brooklyn ever since, and travel pretty much all the time (especially to Berlin and Buenos Aires). I’m an avid biker and lover of the outdoors, traveling, exercising, eating well, and staying healthy.

I’m the great grand-niece of the artist Man Ray and the mama of a smart little mini-Australian shepherd named Marcy. You can hear my DJ mixes here.

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