Fitness Enthusiast

I am a lover of all things fitness and nutrition!

Growing up just north of San Francisco made it easy to learn to love being healthy. I spent my childhood playing soccer, riding bikes, going on long hikes, swimming in the ocean and just generally loving the outdoors.

I wasn’t always fit, though. When I started to get serious about being the drummer in my 13 year-old all-girl pop punk band, Selective Amnesia, I decided to quit the soccer team and focus on drumming. Well, my childhood diet of “eat whatever I want” quickly caught up with me. In one year I gained 30 pounds!

That’s when I started to develop a passion for learning about nutrition and fitness and how greatly it can improve one’s quality of life. I started taking spin classes and routinely going to the gym in my later teenage years, and have made the gym a major priority ever since. With a full-time desk job, I find it more important than ever to either go to the gym, go biking, or go on a long walk every day.

I’m a little obsessed with spin class and certified to teach spin in 2017 (although I don’t have the time to). I routinely attend fitness classes at Crunch, Flywheel, and other boutique NYC gyms. In 2018, I launched a fitness Instagram account called DeskJobSixPack to motivate others to stay healthy & fit while working a desk job.