About Lily Ray

Lily Ray is a renowned SEO professional, DJ, drummer, and fitness lover based in Brooklyn, NYC. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to New York City when she was 18. She has lived in New York City ever since.

Lily Ray - Brooklyn based SEO, DJ and drummer

Lily currently serves as the Vice President, SEO Strategy and Research at Amsive, formerly Path Interactive. Amsive is an NYC-born digital marketing agency with a national presence, providing data-driven SEO, digital media, paid and managed social, analytics, creative, influencer marketing and web design and development services that help brands grow.

With over 14 years of SEO experience, Lily oversees a 35+ person SEO team (alongside several other talented Directors, Strategists & SEO managers) and supports dozens of clients across different categories, ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune 50 enterprise brands. 

Lily is well known for her work in the SEO space on topics related to E-E-A-T, analyzing Google’s algorithm updates, Google Discover and more. 

Lily moonlights as a DJ and drummer, and has been a musician and rhythm-lover throughout her entire life. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did Lily Ray get into the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Lily Ray began working in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry when she was a junior at NYU. She was studying Politics and Spanish when she stumbled upon a paid job doing SEO and social media marketing for an online education company. Lily discovered that a profession in SEO allowed her to combine her technical, creative, writing, and marketing skills. She immediately fell in love with SEO and has been passionate about her career and the industry ever since.

What are the most significant SEO trends Lily Ray is noticing lately?

The most overarching shifts to SEO in the past several years include the rise of AI-generated search results, the growing emphasis on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T), the importance of mobile-friendliness and website performance, and the evolution toward semantic search.

When did Lily Ray start playing drums?

Lily Ray began playing drums at the age of 6. In Kindergarten, she dreamed about being a famous rock drummer one day. She started with bongos, congas, and African drums at age 6 and got her first rock and roll drum kit at age 10. She took lessons for a couple of years and joined her first (all-girl) rock band, Selective Amnesia, when she was 13.

How is Lily Ray related to Man Ray?

Lily Ray is the great-grand niece of the artist Man Ray. Her grandmother, Helen Ray, was Man Ray’s niece.

Lily has found inspiration from the artistic works of Man Ray throughout her life.

What kind of dog is Lily Ray’s dog, Marcy, and how old is she?

Marcy is a mini-Australian Shepherd, also known as an American Shepherd. She was born in 2015 and is currently 7 years old.

What are Lily Ray’s favorite cities?

Lily’s favorite city of all time is the city where she lives – New York City. But she has many other cities that are near and dear to her heart, such as Berlin and Buenos Aires, where she spends multiple months per year. She also has an affinity for various cities in Spain, such as Barcelona and Malaga, and has traveled extensively throughout many cities in South and Central America.

Does Lily Ray have a brother? Lily Ray siblings:

Lily Ray has a brother named Jeffrey Faden. Jeffrey is a talented web developer, lover of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), loving husband to his wife Anna, and a wonderful father of 3 children. Jeffrey and Lily grew up on computers and loved many nerdy things together as children. Jeffrey’s coaching, mentorship, and willingness to lend a hand have significantly helped Lily throughout her career.

Is Lily Ray trained in dancing?

Lily Ray is not professionally trained in dancing, although she often claims to “live on the dance floor.” Dancing has been a big part of her life in various forms throughout her life, although never professionally. Lily performed in many plays and musicals during her childhood, where dancing often played a large role.

Lily took hip hop dance classes as a kid and was part of a breakdance crew called StyleDimension for about a year at age 13. The leader of said crew, David Schreibman – has since gone on to become a renowned, professional break dancer and actor.

Where does Lily Ray live in Brooklyn?

Lily Ray lives in the cross-section of the Brooklyn neighborhoods Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant.

What languages does Lily Ray speak?

Lily Ray’s first language is English, but she is fluent in Spanish as well. She is very slowly learning German and French, but still has a lot to learn! She can also read some Portuguese due to the Spanish fluency.

What was Lily Ray’s first job?

Lily Ray’s first job was working as a website editor and ecommerce manager at the musical instrument store Bananas at Large.

Who taught Lily Ray how to play drums?

Lily had numerous drum teachers, but the most well-known was Dave Getz, who played in Big Brother and The Holding Company (Janis Joplin’s band).

Who is Lily Ray’s father and what did he do for work?

Lily Ray’s father is Glenn Faden, who served as a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation for over 30 years.