A Song About Imposter Syndrome in the SEO Industry

I was inspired to write a song with my friend ChatGPT about Imposter Syndrome in the SEO Industry.

Pick your favorite style: R&B version | Beatles version | Bob Dylan version

R&B Version:

Heart of SEO

(Verse 1) 
In the digital night, by the screen’s soft glow, 
I pour out my soul in SEO, but they say I’m too slow. 
Speaking at events, my voice echoes, clear and loud, 
Yet they whisper, “You’re just a voice in the crowd.”

But in this SEO heart, I’ll keep soaring high, 
Like a power ballad, under the vast sky. 
With every critique, I’ll grow stronger, face the test, 
In this heartful song of SEO, I’ll give my best.

(Verse 2) 
When I offer my advice, polished and neat, 
They doubt my journey, say I can’t compete. 
Agency life, they question, is it really in my core? 
“Real SEO’s different,” they say, “It’s so much more.”

Yet, in my SEO heart, I’ll find the light, 
Singing my truth, through the day and night. 
Dancing through challenges, I’ll find my own beat, 
In this melody of SEO, I won’t accept defeat.

Each insight I share, hoping it’s something new, 
They say it’s old, but I’ll find my breakthrough. 
In every word, every rhythm I find, 
I’ll lift my spirit, leave my doubts behind.

(Verse 3) 
Navigating critiques, in this endless sea, 
Fighting imposter syndrome, longing to break free. 
In this SEO rhythm, where I constantly yearn, 
I search for harmony, for a place to turn.

So in this SEO heart, I’ll rise above, 
With the strength of a ballad, filled with love. 
In this soulful tune, I’ll find my voice, 
In the world of SEO, I’ll make my choice.

In the vast world of SEO, where I aim to belong, 
I’ll find my melody, I’ll sing my song. 
With a ballad in my heart, in this digital trend, 
I’ll navigate the SEO world, to the very end.

Beatles Version:

The SEO Blues

(Verse 1) 
In the world of SEO, under the digital sun, 
I speak at conferences, but they say it’s never enough done. 
Twitter critics lurking, every step I tread, 
Whispering doubts and fears, inside my head.

But I’ll keep on searching, in this endless race, 
For the perfect keyword, in the digital space. 
Like a day tripper, on a long and winding road, 
In the SEO blues, I find my abode.

(Verse 2) 
When I give advice, so actionable and clear, 
They say I’m just a voice, with no real experience near. 
Agency days, they haunt me, with a different kind of strain, 
“Real SEO’s not your game,” they say with disdain.

So I’ll twist and shout, in Google’s maze, 
Chasing algorithms, through this SEO craze. 
With a little help from my friends, I try to break free, 
From the SEO blues, that won’t let me be.

I shared something new, or so I thought, 
But they told me it’s old, all for naught. 
Every discovery, every insight I find, 
They say it’s been done, leaving me behind.

(Verse 3) 
Whether in the limelight or behind the screen, 
Imposter syndrome whispers, cruel and unseen. 
In this SEO game, where the rules always bend, 
It’s a long and lonely road, with no clear end.

But I’ll keep on dreaming, like an Eleanor Rigby, 
In a yellow submarine, in the SEO sea. 
Let it be, let it be, in this digital fight, 
In the SEO blues, I’ll find my light.

In the SEO industry, where critics abound, 
I’ll keep on moving, with my feet on the ground. 
With a Beatle-esque tune, in my heart so true, 
I’ll navigate the SEO blues, and find my way through.

Bob Dylan Version:

The SEO Wanderer

(Verse 1) 
Well, I’m walkin’ down this digital road, 
Talkin’ SEO, carryin’ the load. 
Conferences and crowds, I face ’em all year, 
But voices whisper, “You ain’t doin’ enough, my dear.”

And I’m blowin’ in the wind, with my SEO songs, 
In a world where right feels a lot like wrong. 
Like a rolling stone, I keep movin’ on, 
In this SEO world, where I barely belong.

(Verse 2) 
When I share my tips, sharp and refined, 
They say, “You ain’t in the field, you’re just the talkin’ kind.” 
Agency life, they question it too, 
Sayin’, “Real SEO? That ain’t somethin’ you do.”

So I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door, for a sign, a clue, 
In this tangled up SEO game, tryin’ to make it through. 
With my harmonica’s wail, under a desolate moon, 
I’m a wanderer in the night, singin’ a lonesome tune.

Every piece of advice, I think it’s somethin’ grand, 
But they shoot it down, sayin’, “It’s just sinkin’ sand.” 
My discoveries, like fleeting shadows, they fade, 
In this never-ending charade, I’m just a spade.

(Verse 3) 
I’m walkin’ these lines, thin and fine, 
With a heart full of doubt, in this SEO mine. 
They say, “You ain’t enough,” in this relentless quest, 
Leavin’ me wanderin’, searchin’ for my best.

But I’ll keep on playin’, my harmonica in hand, 
In this SEO world, tryin’ to understand. 
Like a troubadour, with a weary smile, 
I’ll walk this SEO path, mile after mile.

In this SEO journey, where critics lie in wait, 
I’ll keep on walkin’, through this twist of fate. 
With a song in my heart, and Dylan’s spirit in my view, 
I’ll navigate these trials, and somehow make it through.

Author: Lily Ray

My name is Lily Ray and I am a Brooklyn, NYC based SEO professional, DJ, drummer, and travel enthusiast. I currently serve as the Senior Director of SEO and Head of Organic Research at Amsive Digital. I was born and raised in the California Bay Area by two New York City transplants, and I returned to NYC at age 18 to attend NYU. I’ve lived in Brooklyn ever since. I’m an avid biker and fitness lover. I love traveling the world and speaking Spanish. I’m great grand-niece of the artist Man Ray and the mama of a smart little mini-Aussie named Marcy.